Cottonwood bone dry
Gasping skyward thirstily
Rooted under stone

Campus overblown
Wholly empty crowded tomb
Unknown, disused rooms

Granite coverage
Conceals creative spaces
Proof is positive

Chalky cross-talking
Grandstanding to herd-banding
American brand

Overpriced glory
Extolling more than money
Quite a sight to see

Educated stress
Brightened distant horizons
Pridefully intense

This week, for one of my classes, I was asked to do a technology fast during which I forwent technology in favor of finding fulfillment elsewhere, particularly in the form of haiku (see above).

The very process of meditating on what ways you will need to evaluate and expend your time + energy (=timergy, as I like to call it) is edifying, and I strongly endorse it for anyone, especially writers. And especially nowadays when so much of what we do as professional writers seems to require more technology and timergy than we might realize (or wish to admit).

Sadly, despite how much time I devoted (a bit) to analyzing the ways I use technology in my day-to-day life (a lot) and how I might circumvent them, I was unable to actually fully cut myself off. Technology is so ubiquitous and interwoven with our daily lives, extracting oneself is quite an undertaking.

My job, in particular, makes it very difficult to completely disengage because even I don’t have any immediate projects (a rarity in and of itself) I must at least keep my phone handy so I don’t miss important calls or emails.

If I had to do it again–rather, when I do it again–I think I might actually have to pull a vanishing act and escape to the woods…


…if even the woods are safe anymore!


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