WARNING: This Site is might read like a young idealist’s journal.  Actually, I suppose this page is certain to read like a young idealist’s diary.  Trust me: I’m still fairly young (though my friends would be quick to correct me), and I am an idealist…despite repeated attempts to avoid it.  And a page where you simply write about your feelings and thoughts and your-name-with-someone-else’s-last-name-because-you’re-pretending-you’re-married is definitely more of a diary than a Journal (much more serious stuff goes in one of those).

But being a realist all the time can be, in my opinion, a bit predictable and, well, flat. Like lukewarm, de-fizzed soda.  blurg.  To be fair, though, realists are also probably more fulfilled in the sense that, like pessimists (they are quite similar animals), realists are rarely as debilitatingly disappointed as idealists.

Sadly, Idealists must function in this reality, too, so here I am, poor me, living as a writer who does not live what he writes.  I spend most of my time writing “professionally” which roughly translates to: “painfully boring.”

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love my job and I am over the moon being lucky enough  to do something I truly love for a career.  It’s a dream come true, and I’m often pinching myself to make sure I am actually awake.  But writing needs to fuel more than my car, it needs to feed my soul, and this blog will serve as just that: an outlet to channel my creative flame and set fire to the world!

…Okay, maybe I got carried away.

Even if this blog never gets viewed by anyone other than (the obligatory) family / friendly-members, instructors (or just one in particular;), and the random surfer or “tag” artist, I have still served my mission (and even started meeting one of my New Year’s resolutions), by writing more often in the way closest to my heart.

So, within you will find a slew of poetry, prose, musings, triflings, rufflings, puffery (probably), pedantry (case in point), case-in-pointery, all that jazzery, et cetery.


If I didn’t stop at that precise moment, I’m not sure I ever could have.  Even I didn’t know this blog was going to have all that in it!  I better start writing!

Aaron Stokes

Aaron Stokes


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